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About Us

Art Army Ocala was founded in 2017. We have grown by leaps and bounds with the support of the creative community and fellow arts organizations who share in the goal of elevating the arts in Ocala and the surrounding areas. 


We are an entirely Volunteer Run 501c3 organization.  It is because of the generosity of our community that we are able to bring our mission to those in our beautiful city. 

Each person who takes time to be part of our movement is an Art Hero!  Every individual who shares their creativity and helps encourage the creative expression of others is an Art Warrior. 

All of the incredible members of Ocala's creative culture are part of the Art Army Revolution.

Remember, Everyone Is An Artist and You Are The Art!


"Ocala is so lucky to have Art Army in our community! I have attended many events that they have hosted, and have even volunteered at a few. 

I have witnessed the joyful surprise of people discovering their hidden artistic prowess.  

Truly, art is for everyone, and Art Army ocala is providing opportunities to make that a reality." 

-Melissa W.


Donate to Support Our Mission

Every Bit Goes Toward Providing Free and Low Cost Art Experiences for Members of Your Community! 

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